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wind energy
solar energy

In the situation where the amount of fossil fuels is decreasing, the demand for energy is growing, and there is an increasing sensitivity of power systems to various types of emergency circumstances and disturbances, policies at the European, national and local levels find it increasingly important to improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy resources and distributed cogeneration. In response to these tendencies, we offer our assistance within the scope of development and implementation of projects associated with the abovementioned areas. 
Our competences and experience in the field of energy related issues are focused primarily on small and medium size power generation plants, as well as distributed cogeneration and polygeneration.

Therefore, we develop projects in the field of energy production by small or medium-sized power-generating facilities which are connected directly to distribution networks or located in the power distribution grid of the recipient, producing electricity from renewable or conventional resources, often as CHP (cogeneration) and / or CCHP (trigeneration).

The range of our services includes in particular:

  • municipal, agricultural and industrial biogas plants,
  • wind and photovoltaic farms,
  • cogeneration (CHP, CCHP) installations operating on the basis of biomass incineration, including systems based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC),
  • cogeneration and polygeneration (CHP, CCHP) installations operating on the basis of natural gas-powered engines, gas turbines, and microturbines.

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