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Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Master of Business Administration.
In his professional career he held managerial responsibilities at the level of projects, business entities and companies operating in the fields of environmental protection and construction. He was a member of supervisory boards of several companies.
His education and professional experience allow him to manage the Company as well as develop and implement investment projects in the area of environmental protection, renewable energy and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for the Company’s clients. . 
He developed investment projects including, i.a., municipal waste thermal treatment plants, mechanical-biological treatment plants, sewage sludge thermal treatment plants, combined heat and power plants, and wastewater treatment plants.
Facilities developed under his management include: medical waste thermal treatment plants,
gas turbine-based CHP plants, waste sorting facilities, and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.
He is also well-versed and experienced in designing, implementing and operating management systems, from quality and environmental management to integrated management systems.   
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