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Sludge management in wastewater treatment plants is as important as the wastewater treatment process itself, having a significant impact on the total cost of its treatment. Sludge treatment costs may amount to approximately 30% of investment costs and 50% of operating costs of the entire waste water treatment plant.

While appreciating the importance of the treatment of sewage sludge, we direct an offer to potential clients with regard to the optimization of technical and technological solutions, including energy efficiency criterion of wastewater treatment plant and its essential units. Choosing the right method of sludge treatment has a significant impact on the efficiency of biogas production in digestion processes, on sludge production as well as the degree of dewatering and final stabilization thereof. 

The scope of optimization can include a whole range of aspects and possible technological options for conversion and management of sewage sludge, such as:
  • processes aimed at improving efficiency of biogas production (e.g. disintegration and hydrolysis processes),
  • processes of anaerobic stabilization (digestion) of sludge,
  • processes of sludge mechanical dewatering, 
  • processes of municipal sewage sludge drying (conventional, solar and mixed drying plants),
  • processes of thermal treatment of municipal sewage sludge (ITPOs).

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